Welcome to BETRA!

In 1920 Elektrowerk Hannover GmbH was founded as company for servicing and overhauling electrical machinery by consulting-engineer Heinrich Behncke in Hannover, Germany. Shortly after company foundation servicing and overhauling of transformers were added to the business activities. Soon regional energy suppliers, refineries and many other small as well as big industrial companies belonged to the established clientele.

In the 1960’s manufacturing of explosion proof transformers was started. In 1974 BETRA was founded as a spin-off. Since that time BETRA has manufactured thousands of desalter transformers and power units for dehydrators as well as ex-type rectifiers for customers on all continents.


For Hazardous Areas:
Our Transformer and Equipment

Our hazardous area equipment is engineered and produced according to ATEX-directive 2014/34/EU and is delivered with an ATEX certificate.

There is no such thing as a standard design of our products. We customize each job to fit the needs of our customers to the outmost degree. Therefore we are not able to give you a dimension sheet for our product. Do not hesitate to contact us for examples, though, or to discuss your demands for an upcoming project.