Sets for Refineries

High voltage rectifier sets produced by BETRA consist of two separate pieces of equipment. With the variable transformer or variac (BETRA type STOX) the customer is able to adjust the input voltage of the high voltage transformer and rectifier (BETRA type HGOX) to the requirements of the process. The variac type STOX normally stands accessible on even ground or a platform, while the high voltage rectifier type HGOX is mounted high up at the side of a process vessel.
The variac might optionally be equipped with a local control panel.

As second piece of equipment in line, the high voltage transformer and rectifier type HGOX, transforms input voltage to the demanded higher voltage level and then rectifies this to DC.

Range of production

As customer you are able to choose the technical data of desalter transformers produced by BETRA from the following range of ATEX-approved production:

Power Rating: 5 kVA to 30 kVA
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Input Voltage: 190 VAC to 1,000 VAC
Output Voltage: 10,000 VDC to 50,000 VDC
Ambient temperature: -45 °C to +60 °C
Reactance: 100 % (HGOX)
ATEX marking:

II 2G Ex o e II T5
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