BETRA Desalter / Dehydrator Transformer
BETRA desalter transformers are used all over the world

Since 1960 BETRA manufactures desalter transformers and power supply for electrostatic dehydrators resp. electrostatic coalescers for use in petrochemical industry all over the world. All made in Germany.

We are able to adjust our engineering to your requirements not only regarding electrical characteristics, but dimensions and materials as well. This enables us to realize your replacement transformer with minimum need for changes on your desalter/dehydrator.

We are able to deliver this equipment fit for use in all climates, for instance in the deserts of the Middle East, in tundra climate or on board of a FPSO.

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BETRA desalter transformers are designed for use in Zone 1 and come in four models:

Our Designs
Desalter Transformer

BETRA desalter transformers are designed for use in Zone 1 and come in four models:

EOX: Single phase AC unit, single output
EOXG: Single phase unit with rectifier, two AC/DC output systems (two polarities)
EOXS: Three phase input, two single phase output systems (transformer SCOTT connected)
EOXSG: As EOXS, but with rectifier


Range of production
Desalter Transformers

As customer you are able to choose the technical data of desalter transformers produced by BETRA from the following range of ATEX-approved production:

Power Rating: 25 kVA to 300 kVA
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Input Voltage: 320 VAC to 10,000 VAC
Output Voltage: 10,000 VAC to 40,000 VAC (eventually rectified)
Tappings: 0 to 5
Ambient temperature: -55 °C to +60 °C
Reactance: 100 %
ATEX marking: Ex eb ob II T5 Gb



BETRA Technical Specs Desalter Transformers
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